Guest Services and Facilities

Barrier Free

For guests in wheelchairs

  1. The elevator allows access to all floors.
  2. Wheelchair rental is available at the 2F information counter and parking B.
  3. The multipurpose restroom are located in each floor.
  4. Parking sections for guests in wheelchairs are available.
  5. Pay phones and a number of vending machines are available for guests in wheelchairs.

For guests with visual disabilities

  1. We have tactile paving showing the fastest route from Maihama station to the entrance on the 1F and 2F.
  2. Tactile maps are available at the following main entrances.

    1. Bus terminal side entrances on the 1F of JR Maihama Station (2 entrances)
    2. Entrance on the Disney Ambassador® Hotel side
    3. Located adjacent to the exit of the Resort Gateway Station
  3. Elevators have the following functions.

    1. Buttons have Braille signage.
    2. Voice system that announces the opening and closing of the doors.
  4. The handrails at the top and bottom of the stairs have braille signage

For guests with hearing disabilities

  1. We have a communication board at the information counter.
  2. For inquries, please send a FAX to +81-47-305-2490 (IKSPIARI Information Center).

Assistance Dogs (excluding training dogs)

Service dogs, hearing dogs, and guide dogs that are authorized by law can enter the building.
Please display your permission slip and bring your certificate (user certificate) with you.

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