• What is IKSPIARI?

    IKSPIARI was opened on July 7th 2000, and is a commercial facility with around 140 establishments including shops, restaurants and a cinema complex. The unique layout, which is based on an imaginary history and story, is divided into nine zones. Furthermore, features such as seasonal events and performances ensure that you can enjoy yourself throughout the day.

  • What are IKSPIARI's business hours?

    IKSPIARI itself is open from 10 a.m. until 11 p.m., but individual shops vary in their business hours. Please check the business hours for each shop. Furthermore, over the year-end and new year period, the business hours of some shops may be different to the regular hours.
    Basic information
    Store information

  • When is IKSPIARI closed?

    IKSPIARI is open seven days a week.

  • Is it easy for people with disabilites to use the facilities in IKSPIARI?

    We support barrier free. Please check our barrier-free page for more details.
    Barrier-free information.

About Shops, Restaurants, and the Cinema Complex

  • Are there any Tax-free shops?

    There are some stores that offer Tax-free service. Please check the list of Tax-free shops.
    Tax-free shops

  • Is China UnionPay card accepted?

    China UnionPay card is accepted at most stores.

  • Are Credit cards accepted?

    Credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and JCB are accepted at most stores.

  • Are there any shops which open early in the morning?

    Some cafes open at 8:00 a.m. Please check the list of shops opening before 10:00 a.m.
    Shops opening before 10:00 a.m.

  • What time do the restaurants close?

    This will depend on the restaurant. However there are some restaurants that stay open until after 9:00 p.m. Please check the list of shops that stay open after 9:00 p.m, or check the information of individual shops.
    Shops staying open until late at night (after 9 p.m.)

  • Are there any stores where I can buy Japanese souvenirs?

    There are some stores which stock Japanese-only items such as sundries, cosmetics, sweets, etc. There are also stores which stock items sold only in IKSPIARI. If you are looking for stores or items, please ask at the information counters.

  • Are there any stores where I can buy items made in Japan?

    There are some stores which stock items made in Japan, such as bags, shoes, sundries, cosmetics, etc. If you are looking for stores or items, please ask at the information counters.

  • Are there any stores which have menus written in foreign languages?

    Yes, there are. Please check the list of restaurants that have menus written in foreign languages.
    Restaurants that have menus written in foreign languages

  • Are there any cafes or restaurants which can accommodate groups?

    Restaurants vary in seating capacity and pricing. Please check the store information to find a suitable restaurant for your group size and budget.
    Store information

  • Can I make a reservation for a restaurant?

    Please contact the restaurant in question.
    Store information

About Facilities and Services

  • Can I change foreign money into yen?

    There is no foreign money exchange shop. However, some credit cards and cash cards issued outside of Japan can be used for a cash advance at ATMs.

  • Are there any discount services?

    When you show your passport at the information counter, we will present a “WELCOME CARD” which entitles you to special services in about 40 stores. Please check the "WELCOME CARD" page for special deals.

  • Are there any storage lockers?

    There are two storage locker areas.
    Storage lockers

  • Can I send baggage to foreign countries?

    We are not able to provide this service. At “NIPPON EXPRESS BAGGAGE SERVICE” in 2F, we organize delivery to a specified address such as your hotel (Japanese address only, paid service).
    Delivery service

  • Are there any ATMs accepting foreign cash cards?

    Yes, there are. Please check the page of ATMs for more details.

  • Are there any places for cell phone charging?

    There are two areas with coin operated cell phone chargers.
    Coin operated cell phone chargers

  • What should I do if I lose something?

    Please contact any of the three information counters if you are still in IKSPIARI. If you have already left IKSPIARI, please contact us by telephone.
    Information counter
    Telephone: IKSPIARI Information Counter: +81-47-305-2525(reception hours: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)

  • Can I rent wheelchairs?

    Wheelchairs are available to rent. Please contact the information counters for more details.
    Information counter

About Access

  • Can I go to IKSPIARI by public transport?

    We are very close to the south exit of JR Maihama Station. Furthermore, IKSPIARI is directly connected to the Resort Gateway Station.
    Access (By Public Transportation)

  • Are there any parking areas?

    We offer parking areas for up to approximately 1800 cars.
    Access (By Car)

  • Are there any parking spaces for elderly or disabled people?

    We offer priority parking spaces for elderly or disabled people. Please ask our Cast Members in parking areas.